About AIACE-Finland

Celebrating the European Day 2022 in Turku. Photo: Esa Mela.

Information for EU pensioners tailored for the Finnish situation

AIACE-Finland is the association of the EU pensioners living in Finland or having connections with Finland. We work mainly in Finnish but can help in Swedish, English and French. 

The association brings together former colleagues and their families, provides practical support and advice. AIACE-Finland’s action has four pillars. The association 

  1. sends regular information to members by email and maintains the EU Pensioner’s Handbook, containing tailored advice for those living in Finland. 
  2. provides personal support through Helpdesk volunteers when there are problems and questions regarding pensions, health, loneliness or other social matters as well as advice on IT problems.  
  3. organises information and discussion events on the EU and its policies and promotes the European cause in Finland. 
  4. organises leisure time events (music, theatre and arts) as well as arranges trips in Finland and to abroad. 

Within the association, the brass band “Rubato” and the Golf Club bring together colleagues interested in those activities. 

Members served across Finland and beyond

In line with the increasing number of EU pensioners living in Finland, our membership has grown to over 300. But many Finnish pensioners living abroad have also joined. You are welcome to become a member of two AIACE sections, and benefit from the services of both. 

While the majority of our members live in the capital region, we offer possibilities to members from all-over Finland to participate in the activities. This is done using the remote connection to events and meetings. It is not only listening and watching but truly participating in the discussion. Indeed, one of our board members is from Turku (160 km from Helsinki) and the other from Tornio (634 km). 

Information for your needs

Our flagship product, the EU pensioners handbook advises on returning to Finland, explains EU pensioner’s rights and obligations and PMO’s digital services. It tells how to interact with EU and Finnish authorities and contains a guide to a widow or widower, among other things. All in Finnish that might be particularly important for the spouse or the family of a pensioner. A printed version is given when joining AIACE-Finland. The online version is updated continuously. 

The website www.aiace-fi.eu is a rich and lively source of information but it also promotes interaction. Have a look to get a glimpse of what is available. 

Meeting ex-colleagues onsite and online

During the COVID pandemic, Finland escaped the most drastic control measures and the heavy toll of disease and death. AIACE-Finland decided to continue under the pandemic members’ events with modern video tools. The annual meetings in 2020 and 2021 were arranged as a hybrid and a remote event. But we have also arranged many types of events online: EU policy discussions, a museum visit and the 2020 Small Christmas party. Our experience was so good that we continue hybrid and remote events even when the COVID is declining. 

A visit to a local sight in Tampere during a membership trip in June 2022. Photo: Tapani Piha

Contact AIACE-Finland

The basic information is available at our website www.aiace-fi.eu. You will also find the online membership application form on the site. 

President Tapani Piha and vice-president Tiina Lohikko, president@aiace-fi.eu  
Secretary Ritva Luomala-Järvi, office@aiace-fi.eu  
Membership Antti Kuosmanen, jasenasiat@aiace-fi.eu  

List of the Board members.

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